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A Life with Lakes (Paperback)

A Life with Lakes (Paperback)

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An urgent reminder of the attention our water bodies need and how we can make a difference.

Cities like Bengaluru, once home to numerous lakes and green cover, have suffered the negative impact of the economic boom and climate change. Rampant encroachment and contamination of lakes make a significant dent in drinking water availability, the ecosystem, and the beauty of the city. 

Anand Malligavad, a techie turned Lake Conservationist, is known as the “Lakeman of India”. Having helped revive 40+ lakes across the country in 6 years, he shares the behind-the-scenes nuggets of his journey into nature conservation through this book.

From participating in policy-making to media debates and TED Talks, Anand has been a vocal water warrior across multiple forums. His journey reminds us that all we need is honest intent and a driven mind.

Anand’s meteoric rise from a simple techie to now an official advisor to multiple state governments is a story that is not only inspirational but also begets ears from all sections of our society. 

Note: 50% of the proceeds from this book will go to lake rejuvenation efforts. Every book purchased will help us make a lasting impact. 


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  2. Pages: 180
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Praveen Rao

A Life with Lakes (Paperback)

Jaydeep Roman
A life with Lakes

Well, I'm touched by how selfless this man is, every time even in difficult situations he was thinking about giving back to society. This book highlights how a determined individual can make a difference and inspire society to harness the power of community.
Don't miss this gem, it will leave you inspired!

Varun Vanchi
Wonderful book.

It takes a lot of courage and sacrifice to do what Anand has done in terms of leaving his job and start reviving lakes. That's an enlightened individual according to me. Wonderful book that brings out the story of the revival of lakes in Karnataka. I'm sure he'll be doing this all over Bharat very soon.

Dr Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi

I loved every word . A difficult journey leading to brilliant results. The passion , resilience and persistence is extraordinary. Respect for Mr Anand Malligavad.

Girish K

A Life with Lakes (Paperback)