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Zero to Viral (Hardcover)

By Sharan Hegde

Zero to Viral covers what makes a successful creator, and what goes behind creating content that people love.

Supplemented with accounts of other successful creators, this book has all the secrets that Google won’t tell you. 

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Meet Our Authors

  • Sharan Hegde

    A content creator and influencer who runs the popular @financewithsharan Instagram and YouTube handles, where he creates content on personal finance.

    With over 3.8 M followers across social media and over 90k newsletter subscribers, his content has been viewed over a billion times.

    He has been featured by Forbes as one of the top 100 digital stars in India and felicitated as one of the 75 young cultural ambassadors of India by the Ministry of Culture.

    Read 'Zero to Viral' by Sharan 
  • Sarthak Ahuja

    A Chartered Accountant and an Investment Banker, Sarthak has over a decade of experience in startup advisory across industries.

    He helps startups raise funds, and creates educational content for the founder community on various social media platforms (@casarthakahuja).

    Read 'Founder's Office' by Sarthak 
  • Kushal Lodha CA

    Kushal Lodha

    A Chartered Accountant with All India Ranks 6, 5, and 5 across the three levels of CA qualification. Kushal also secured World Rank 3 in ACCA and has cleared all three levels of CFA. He’s the founder of KAGR, an EdTech platform for finance students, and a content creator with 400K+ followers across platforms.

    Read 'Acing CA' by Kushal here 
  • Anand Malligavad

    A techie turned Lake Conservationist, Anand is also known as the “Lakeman of India”. Having helped revive 40+ lakes across the country in 6 years, he is on a mission to revive one in each state. From participating in policy-making to media debates and TED Talks, Anand has been a vocal water warrior across multiple forums.

    Read 'A Life with Lakes' by Anand 
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