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Couple of Things

By Amrita Rao and RJ ANMOL

It’s the 2000s. A Bollywood star is at the top of her game. A Dilli ka launda is making waves on radio.

How do two vastly contrasting paths converge into a lifelong love affair?
How do they overcome the most impossible odds to find each other?

This is the true story of Amrita Rao, the face of numerous Bollywood superhits, and RJ Anmol, one of India’s most loved radio jockeys.

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A Life with Lakes

By Anand Malligavad

An urgent reminder of the attention our water bodies need and how we can make a difference.

Having helped revive 40+ lakes across the country in 6 years, Anand shares the behind-the-scenes nuggets of his journey into nature conservation through this book.

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Meet Our Authors

  • Anand Malligavad

    A techie turned Lake Conservationist, Anand is also known as the “Lakeman of India”. Having helped revive 40+ lakes across the country in 6 years, he is on a mission to revive one in each state. From participating in policy-making to media debates and TED Talks, Anand has been a vocal water warrior across multiple forums.

    Read 'A Life with Lakes' by Anand 
  • Sarthak Ahuja

    A Chartered Accountant and an Investment Banker, Sarthak has over a decade of experience in startup advisory across industries.

    He helps startups raise funds, and creates educational content for the founder community on various social media platforms (@casarthakahuja).

    Read 'Daily Coffee & Startup Fundraising' by Sarthak 
  • Amrita Rao - Rj Anmol

    Amrita Rao is an Indian actress with 7 box-office superhits to her name. She is the recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Vivah.

    RJ Anmol is a leading radio presenter in India, whose show ‘Purani Jeans - Anmol Ke Saath’ became a game changer in the Indian radio landscape. He's also an accomplished anchor, presenter, and is the first Indian RJ to have his retro talk show ‘My Life My Story’ featured on Netflix.

    Read 'Couple of Things' by Amrita and Anmol 
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Daily Coffee & Startup Fundraising


A comprehensive guide to starting up and raising funds in India.

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Daily Coffee & Startup Fundraising

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